Forschungsprojekt um WiSo-Professorin Verena Tiefenbeck erhält Förderung von einer Million Euro

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How can data donations be encouraged using digital nudges?

In an interdisciplinary and inter-university cooperation for the „DataDonations4SustainableChange“ project, Prof. Verena Tiefenbeck and the group will address the question of how awareness and willingness to donate data can be promoted using digital nudges, in order to achieve sustainable changes in behavior in the areas of environment and health. Digital nudges are to be examined along the entire data donation process from mobilization to motivation to value creation from the perspectives of communication science, business informatics and behavioral economics.

DataDonations4SustainableChange thus provides insights and recommendations for action on data donations as a way of active citizen participation to solve urgent social challenges such as climate change, scarcity of resources or for early detection, prevention and containment of serious diseases. Based on empirical findings, the project aims to show the actual potential of data donations, but also their limits in the various application contexts. These results should also open up concrete recommendations for action on how the legal framework for data donations, which is only just being established, can be designed and further developed as effectively as possible.

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