Four publications accepted in April 2020!

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In April, two journal articles and two conference papers (co-)authored by team members of the Bits to Energy lab Nuremberg have been accepted by international peer-reviewed outlets.


The two journal articles, written in collaboration with researchers at ETH Zurich and at the University of St. Gallen, cover the Quartierstrom project, Switzerland’s first peer-to-peer energy market. While the article forthcoming in the journal Applied Energy focuses on user behavior, the article accepted by the journal Computer Communications investigates technical scalability aspects of the underlying communication infrastructure.


Leonard Michels had a single-author paper accepted at the ACM SIGMIS Computers and People Research (CPR) conference; the paper is based on his Bachelor thesis on using information systems to overcome escalation of commitment. Another conference paper, accepted at the European Conference on Information Systems, investigates how information systems can support citizens’political decision-making in the sustainability context. It results from a collaboration with researchers at the University of Luxemburg, at the University of Bayreuth, and at the University of Augsburg.



Ableitner, L., Tiefenbeck, V., Meeuw, A., Wörner, A., Fleisch, E., Wortmann, F. (forthcoming). User Behavior in a Real-World Peer-to-Peer Electricity Market. Applied Energy.


Meeuw, A., Schopfer, S., Wörner, A., Ableitner, L., Tiefenbeck, V., Fleisch, E., Wortmann, F. (forthcoming). Implementing a blockchain-based local energy market: Insights on communication and scalability. Computer Communications.


Michels, L. (forthcoming), If I Cannot See It, It Is Not There – a Graphical Approach to De-escalating Commitment. ACM SIGMIS-CPR Conference, June 2020.


Graf, V., Graf-Drasch, V., Tiefenbeck, V., Weitzel, R., Fridgen, G. (forthcoming). Supporting Citizens’ Political Decision-Making Using Information Visualisation.  European Conference on Information Systems, June 2020.