Kick-off for our new module “Experimentelle Verhaltensforschung in Data Science”

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We are very happy to finally be back in the lecture hall!

This week we started teaching in the summer semester with the very first lecture of our new module for bachelor students “Experimentelle Verhaltensforschung in Data Science” (Experimental Behavioral Research in Data Science). The module is all about experimental research and gives students a first introduction to topics such as experimental designs, procedures, and the ethics of experimental research. In addition, we devote a whole lecture to the topic of replication and open science. We had great fun in the lecture and are looking forward to the next sessions!

For master students, we further kicked-off our seminar “Designing Information Systems for Behavior Change: Practical Applications” in which students will be introduced to key concepts from behavioral economics and psychology and learn how to use them to build effective applications for behavior change in relevant domains including sustainability, healthcare or household spending.