Article on Digital Nudging published in European Journal of Information Systems

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We are proud to announce that the research paper, “Salience, transparency, and self-nudging: a digital nudge to promote healthier food product choices,” has recently been published in the European Journal of Information Systems.

We congratulate our Alumnus Leonard Michels to this great publication which is a nice culmination for his PhD journey! We are also thankful for the fruitful collaboration of the Digital Transformation group with Prof. Sven Laumer’s group. The paper has been co-authored by Jessica Ochmann, Kathrin Schmitt, Sven Laumer and Verena Tiefenbeck.

The paper combines multiple influential research streams on the effects of different salience aspects (i.e., perceptual and attribute salience) to develop a digital nudge that supports consumers in making healthier food product choices. In addition, it focuses on the ethics of digital nudging by investigating how transparently disclosing the nudge and offering it as a self-nudge affect its behavioral effects.

For more insights, you can read the full paper here or reach out for a copy.