Workshop “Data Donations and Digital Nudges” in Munich explores the future of data donations

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Photo by Lena Teresa FleischerLena Teresa Fleischer

As part of the project “DataDonations4SustainableChange”, in which Leonie Manzke and Prof. Dr. Verena Tiefenbeck are involved, the project team organized a workshop to discuss the potential of data donations with experts in the field. For this event, 26 representatives from industry and science gathered at the hotel Excelsior in Munich on November 24, 2023. Extensive panel discussions highlighted not only the hurdles, but also the opportunities to create value through donated data, with a focus on the role of digital nudges.

A special honor was the attendance of Prof. Dr. Lucia Reisch who is supporting the project as an international expert. Her opening keynote and participation in the workshop enriched the discussion with her in-depth expertise on approaches in behavioral economics.

More insights and information about the project are available on the chair’s website and on the project website. There, you can find a report detailing other insights from the event.

This kick-off marks a significant step in the progress of the project.

Photos by Lena Teresa Fleischer