Two research articles on electricity trading behavior and prosumer preferences in energy communities accepted in top journals

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One article analyzing electricity trading behavior in a real-world energy community in Switzerland has been accepted for publication in Information Systems Research, one of the flagship journals of the Information Systems discipline. The study has been conducted in collaboration with ETH Zurich, University of St. Gallen, and Stanford University.

Another article in collaboration with the University of Geneva has been published in December 2021 in Nature Energy ( The article analyzes the impact of electricity trading decisions of German homeowners on the performance of peer-to-peer communities.



  • Wörner, A., Tiefenbeck, V., Wortmann, F., Meeuw, A., Ableitner, L., Fleisch, E., Azevedo, I. (forthcoming), Bidding on a peer-to-peer energy market – A field study. Accepted for publication in Information Systems Research.
  • Pena-Bello, A., Parra, D., Herberz, M., Tiefenbeck, V., Patel, M., Hahnel, U. (2021), Empowering prosumers to trade renewable energy can benefit the individual, the community, and the grid. Nature Energy,