Article on perceived algorithmic fairness published in the Information Systems Journal

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We are delighted to announce the recent publication of the article “Perceived algorithmic fairness: An empirical study of transparency and anthropomorphism in algorithmic recruiting” in the Information Systems Journal, a prestigious peer-reviewed journal (VHB Jourqual: A). The article is a result of the fruitful collaboration of Jessica Ochmann and Sven Laumer (Schöller Endowed Chair of Information Systems, FAU), Leonard Michels and Verena Tiefenbeck (Digital Transformation group, FAU) and Christian Maier (Chair of Information Systems, Health and Society, University of Bamberg).

The study examines the conditions under which applicants perceive algorithms as fair, establishes a theoretical foundation of algorithmic fairness perceptions, and empirically investigates the effects of transparency and anthropomorphism interventions. It contributes valuable insights for managers and practitioners by supplying recommendations to improve algorithmic fairness perceptions. The full article can be accessed here.