Past theses

Bachelor Theses

Name Topic Semester/Year
Tim Kraut Exploratory Literature Review on Charging Behaviour and Preferences of Electric Vehicle Drivers SS 2021
Alena Aresina Digital Nudging – Literature Review SS 2022
Enes Yildirim Digital Nudging – Literaturanalyse SS 2022
Alexander Ruf Italy vs. Germany: A Comparative Analysis of Measured Auto-mobility Profiles SS 2022

Master Theses

Name Topic Semester/Year
Enrico Toniato Multivariable e-buses charging scheduling for optimal energy peak load estimation through a web-based user interface WS 2020/21 (ETH Zurich)
Fabian Schiller Understanding the motivations of people that join solar energy communities in Germany – What motivations and differences in the process of joining can be identified? SS 2021
Anshaj Upadhyaya Analyzing the Impact of Digital Nudging in Online Grocery Store WS 2021/22